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Beartooth Highway

Sep 18, 2019 | Project Highlights

Seasonal landslide movement on Beartooth Highway in the state of Montana presents a risk for prolonged highway closure which directly impacts Yellowstone National Park, and poses a significant risk to the safety of the traveling public. sensemetrics solutions were utilized to create a comprehensive automated instrumentation and monitoring program to monitor surface movement and subsurface geometry of the landslide. A distributed network of sensors spanning several miles and thousands of feet of elevation change were easily automated using sensemetrics THREAD devices. The THREAD creates a secure and adaptive wireless edge network that streams data from any connected sensor directly to the sensemetrics Cloud Platform for near real-time data processing. The system has provided Montana DOT a cost-effective solution to comprehensively measure and visualize surface and subsurface movements on an ongoing basis, thereby mitigating risk and enhancing public safety.