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Automated Solutions for Dams and Levees

Jun 3, 2021 | Hardware, Sensors, Software, Supported Devices

Automated monitoring systems have become an important part of many dam and levee maintenance programs. At sensemetrics, we provide modern automation solutions for dam and levee owners utilizing our secure connectivity devices and cloud application. Users can proactively view their sensor data in near real-time with advanced analytics and visualization tools which help engineers and risk managers effectively mitigate risk.

Monitor key metrics such as water surface levels, ground pore pressure, slope stability, seepage and much more – empowering operators to efficiently report on asset performance, both in person and remotely. Our cloud management solutions are currently being used at many dams such as Oroville, Perris, Pardee, Folsom, Chelan and many more! Dam safety and risk mitigation is extremely important to us, so if you’re interested in learning more then head to our dedicated dams solutions page

If you’re interested in our cloud application, you can schedule a software demo here.