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Introducing the Thread X3

Jan 12, 2021 | Company News, Hardware, Products

We are excited to announce the launch of the Thread X3, our next generation Broadband IIoT Connectivity range of products bringing secure, cloud-managed IIoT to distributed environments. The Thread X3 offers fully autonomous sensor connectivity with multiple modes of communication including Ethernet, cellular, and LPWA wireless – with intelligent communication uplink prioritization and automatic failover. As a wireless gateway and MQTT broker, it enables efficient connectionless wireless communication and management of smart sensors and provides a scalable and secure means of connecting remote sites and field activities with enterprise data management systems and processes.

Supporting unlimited monitoring possibilities, the Thread X3 is uniquely able to support complex geospatial instruments like Robotic Total Stations and GPS positioning sensors, high-bandwidth field cameras, and densely clustered sensor installations. Multiplexer (MUX) devices can be easily attached to support up to 128 sensors per device. Our mobile app (iOS and Android) and browser app-driven workflows support plug-and-play connectivity, control, and automation for the industry’s widest range of sensors, from simple to complex.

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