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Landslide Monitoring of Beartooth Highway

Jul 16, 2020 | Hardware, Project Highlights, Sensors

The sensemetrics platform continues to provide management of automated instrumentation for the monitoring of seasonal landslide movement of Beartooth Highway in Montana.

sensemetrics Thread connectivity devices and high-precision GPS sensors (Leica GMX910) were easily installed in difficult-to-access project sites in the Beartooth Mountains thanks to the devices’ small and portable nature. To compliment surface deformation monitoring solutions, Measurand‘s ShapeArray (Model SAAV) sensors were also installed to measure downhole deformation, which further enhances the project team’s understanding of the movement behavior of the landslide. This mobile and easy-to-install solution unlocked new monitoring opportunities for the project, which otherwise may not have been possible in this rugged environment.

The system has provided Montana Department of Transportation a cost-effective solution to extensively measure and visualize surface and subsurface movements on an ongoing basis, thereby mitigating risk and enhancing public safety.