The sensemetrics team is pleased to announce the addition of a flexible Multipurpose 4-20mA sensor to our IIoT cloud-based platform. The team took a more dynamic approach with this sensor. By allowing the user to configure metrics and units and associate them with a value range, this sensor can be applied to a large variety of project needs. By comparison, most of the devices and sensors that we integrate are tightly defined for a specific use. This makes them easier to set up and use, but it often means building many similar versions of the same sensor to account for different scenarios.

The key to the flexible 4-20mA sensor is the configuration page. It provides a quick-selection of the metrics being collected and associated units, and then allows for entry of the input boundaries (mA range) and the resulting output value range (arbitrary range related to output units).

In the future we will continue to leverage this approach to grow our catalog of sensors and devices with both existing and new Alliance Program members.

If you’re interested in learning more about the sensemetrics IIoT cloud-based platform, email us to set up a demo.