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Project Highlight: Chilean Copper Mine

Oct 20, 2020 | Hardware, Project Highlights, Sensors, Supported Devices

The Thread is an incredibly versatile edge computing device that packs a number of innovative technologies into a single enclosure. It has been designed for extreme levels of performance and is very powerful, yet remarkably easy to deploy.

sensemetrics partner, GeoMediciones, recently helped one of the largest Copper mines in Chile to better understand subsurface conditions as measured by two 150m long Measurand ShapeArrays. The Thread is capable of powering an array of hundreds of MEMS accelerometers, resolving 360 degrees of subsurface movement from each individual sensor, while using the proprietary Measurand computational algorithm to provide real-time deformation data to operators.

Under these operating conditions, there is no second chance and that is why the world’s most extreme mining operations trust the industry’s most powerful edge computing device.