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Project Highlight: Large Tailings Monitoring Program

Jun 25, 2021 | Hardware, Products, Project Highlights, Software

An expansive sensemetrics automation solution was recently installed in Arizona in just 10 days. The installation included 155 total sites spanning tens of miles leveraging intelligent mesh networking and active contention management algorithms. A combination of thirty-three (33) sensemetrics Thread X3  Broadband IoT devices and one-hundred twenty-two (122) Strand VW4 Narrowband IoT devices are now streaming near real-time data from a diverse range of groundwater level sensors including In-Situ rugged trolls and RST vibrating-wire piezometers deployed across an unforgiving terrain. The speed of deployment was possible due to sensemetrics’ plug & play technology and self-configuring telemetry. 

Before this deployment of sensemetrics devices, our client struggled to collect data from their distributed remote legacy tailings monitoring program in a reliable and cost-effective manner. Resources for field collection were increasingly costly and constrained and concern for safety and risk increased with remote sites. Failed sensors on data loggers without telemetry resulted in missing data for multiple months, causing data gaps for engineering analysis and difficult sensor replacement planning.    

Using our IoT Connectivity and Cloud platform, the tailings sensor data is now accessible from anywhere and provides them with the ability to rapidly share relevant information to a large stakeholder network. Through advanced alerting, sensor data and diagnostics can be actively monitored, reducing field resources and facilitating targeted maintenance of the network. Data streaming from these installations now creates truly actionable information for field technicians, engineers, and planning managers to reduce the cost of maintaining the monitoring network while increasing real time awareness of these distributed facilities.