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Project Highlight: Stability Monitoring for National Park

Jul 8, 2021 | Hardware, Project Highlights, Sensors, Software, Supported Devices

A National Park was recently in need of sea wall repairs. sensemetrics was selected by GZA Environmental as the Infrastructure IoT platform to provide near real-time structural deformation data produced by Leica Geosystems survey total stations connected using our Broadband IIoT device (Thread X3), along with several vibration monitoring sensors.  

Heavy construction activities can often lead to damage of nearby utilities and structures which would be costly to remediate. To protect the surrounding assets and construction crews, the Project Team developed a monitoring program to notify key personnel of settlement or other forms of instability. With our Thread as a gateway device to send all data securely to sensemetrics’ cloud applications, the Project Team was able to monitor the activities in real time and gain conditional performance information using our graphing, reporting, alarms, and spatial visualization tools to reduce risk and increase overall project awareness. 

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