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Project Highlight: Tailings Storage Facility Construction

Sep 10, 2021 | Project Highlights, Sensors, Software

We recently deployed an automated condition monitoring solution at a Tailings Storage Facility in Arizona to monitor baseline ground stability conditions and the resulting effect of active construction on the structureOur Infrastructure IoT platform actively manages the network of connected geotechnical and meteorological sensors – along with geomatics survey instruments – and presents a cohesive performance overview in a single pane of glass for collaborative review by the owner, engineers, and contractors. 

Previous dataloggerbased collections resulted in infrequent collection periods and lack of timely alerts which was deemed unsuitable given the challenging conditions. Leveraging the sensemetrics platform, the project management team was able to establish an indepth understanding of the relationship of construction activities and its surface and subsurface impacts and confidently progress the project timeline in a safe and responsible manner. 

The sensemetrics connectivity solution consisting of six Thread Broadband IoT devices and twenty-nine Strand Narrowband IoT devices operate reliably in both the extreme desert heat as well as regular monsoon storm events. With the sensemetrics platform a wide variety of system health diagnostics are collected allowing the end user to flag instruments for maintenance and plan construction schedules accordingly.