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Solving Data Management Challenges with a True Cloud Platform

Apr 13, 2021 | Industry News, Software

Did you know that a study by Accenture and HfS Research states that nearly 80% of companies can’t make data-driven decisions due to a lack of skills and technology? In a global survey, respondents reported that up to 90% of their data is unstructured and largely inaccessible. According to Cloud Computing, this is a huge problem and the solution to this is a data-driven backbone that leverages integrated automation and analytics.

At sensemetrics we can solve your problem. We provide real-time insight with immediate access to your sensor data via our cloud application. It’s a sensor manufacturer agnostic IIoT platform that standardizes all of your sensor data for analytics and data exchange with your critical business systems. Integral tools provide effective management of IoT networks and management of critical field workflows – greatly reducing installation and long-term costs of ownership. Business leaders also immediately gain access to browser and mobile analytics applications, providing immediate operational, performance, and safety-impacting insights.  

One major benefit of using our Broadband IIoT Connectivity device is the ability to plug & play your sensors and easily stream data to the cloud without the need for complicated configuration. The sensemetrics cloud application and mobile app allows you to manage your sensor networks remotely or in the field so your entire team is equipped with real-time insights wherever and whenever they are. Companies without a platform for sensor automation and condition monitoring will struggle with the costs and frustrations of manual data collection and processing, siloed data processing and management tools, distributed and unstructured data storage, and delayed access to critical and impactful informational. The sensemetrics platform provides an end-to-end sensor data management solution to asset owners and business executives to integrate sensors and systems into an impactful service that unifies the entire process – while retaining their ability to choose the manufacturer of sensor that is best suited for their project needs. sensemetrics elevates decision making and for the first time makes it accessible – both technically and economically – to critical industries who have struggled with the fractured nature of solutions offered to them by various technology vendors today.

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