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The Evolution of Tools and Technologies in Geotechnical Monitoring

Aug 10, 2021 | Company News, Industry News

In their recently published white paper, “Smart Monitoring,” Measurand discusses the evolution of tools and technologies in geotechnical monitoring. Our Sales Director, Alex Pienaar, was interviewed on the topic of automation and the critical role it plays in a successful, efficient smart monitoring solution. He explains the advantages of a cloud-based system that provides a single source of data. “You can work from anywhere at any time. It’s about getting data on demand.” sensemetrics’ plug-and-play connectivity devices and cloud application eliminates the pain points in legacy monitoring systems and provides a completely streamlined approach. Further, our support for the entire series of Measurand shape sensing products also includes the most extensive list of processing and data presentation features. Book a demo with our customer success team to learn more about this exciting technology. 

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