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The New sensemetrics Logo

Mar 27, 2020 | Company News

At sensemetrics, we think of our brand as a continuous project that’s constantly growing and evolving as we listen to the needs of our customers. We’ve grown our brand over many years through our fantastic products and an incredible customer community. Today, we’re taking a bold step forward with a new logo and brand identity for sensemetrics and our quickly expanding portfolio of products, while staying true to the values this company was founded on.

At the heart of this rebrand is our core focus on connecting organizations, people, and machines, centralizing data and providing real-time insights. Our continued belief is that at the center of the challenge that most face in the industries that we serve, is a frustration with the cost and complexity of connecting with data that is critical to their decision making processes.  What we have delivered for our clients is a sensor connectivity solution that allows them to connect any sensor, anywhere, and without the technical complexities that have made this an expensive and daunting exercise for many in years past.

The sensemetrics Logo
Our first logo was created before the company launched. It was a simple and clean use of typography, and presented the brand well on the cloud products that initially carried it. However, it was also difficult to read from afar, and wasn’t very distinctive when attached to our device product line or marketing that didn’t favor a strictly horizontal or landscape format.

As we continue to expand our portfolio to incorporate more connectivity products, embedded components, mobile apps, and productivity modules – we needed an icon that would be more distinctive, bold, and recognizable even when it stands apart from our logo. It also uses a more refined and legible color palette, but still contains the spirit of the original. It’s an evolution, and one that can scale easily, and simply work better, in any place.

Over the next few months, you’ll see all the other visuals surrounding sensemetrics aligning around this new direction: on the website, in advertising, and in some places in the product. It’s still us. We’re still sensemetrics, and we hope, more instantly recognizable.

-The sensemetrics Team