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Optimization of Existing Installations on Montana Project

May 25, 2021 | Hardware, Project Highlights, Supported Devices

sensemetrics recently visited a customer site in Montana as part of an annual customer success check-in. During our time on site, we conducted a project audit which included optimization of existing Thread installations streaming real-time data from GPS, Thermistor Strings, In Place Inclinometers, ShapeArrays and Piezometers. These check-ins typically include delta training and there was a lot to cover with all of the 2020/2021 software feature releases. 

As part of this visit we also upgraded existing telemetry sites with the recently launched Strand narrowband IoT device. The Strand is a low cost, extended battery life device that provides multi-channel sensor support. Strands communicate with each other to create an adaptive wireless mesh network with intelligent traffic routing.

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