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Webinar Q&A – Cloud Technology for Subsurface Deformation Monitoring

Jun 3, 2020 | Hardware, Software, Supported Devices


In our joint webinar with Measurand entitled, “Cloud Technology for Subsurface Deformation Monitoring,” we demonstrated the seamless integration of our companies’ products, providing a remarkably simple but powerful solution for automated deformation monitoring. We were thrilled with the level of attendee engagement throughout the presentation and following Q&A session. Since our presenters didn’t have adequate time to answer all of the questions received during the webinar, we are publishing a more comprehensive response to the questions that were compiled during the session. We appreciate everyone’s participation, and remain available to answer additional questions. Feel free to submit them using the form at the bottom of this page. Webinar replay is available on-demand for those that were not able to attend the live presentation.

Q. Can we download data from the Thread on-site?

A. Data can be downloaded conveniently from our browser-based software at any time as a text file, spreadsheet, or through our Excel plugin available on the Microsoft app store. Further, users can easily generate automated reports for delivery to your inbox on a specified schedule. Downloading data by means of a physical connection to a Thread device is not supported. This decision was intentional as a measure to enhance the security of the device and ensure data integrity across our platform.  


Q. So the Thread device provides data logging and telemetry? Is telemetry via cell modem?

A. The Thread supports on-device data storage during periods it cannot maintain a connection to the Cloud. When connectivity is restored, the Thread resumes near real-time data transfer as well as historical data synchronization. Telemetry can be established in a number of ways, but the four most popular options are embedded cellular, embedded wireless mesh, embedded Ethernet, and external satellite uplink terminal available through one of our partners.


Q. Does the Thread device support telemetry for remote sites with no cell coverage?

A. Yes. For sites that do not have cellular coverage, any Thread that is connected via Ethernet or satellite uplink terminal will automatically configure itself as a gateway and create a secure wireless network for connection of any proximal Thread devices. Connecting multiple Threads to a broadband internet connection on the same site will automatically create an adaptive and redundant wireless network.


Q. Can sensemetrics accept data from a pre-existing data logger and telemetry system without a Thread device?

A. The Thread augments the functionality of many existing  data loggers, directly controlling devices such as the Geokon 8002 series loggers, RST DT2055B, or interfaces such as Campbell Scientific AVW200 and compatible multiplexers. Furthermore, the Thread can be used to command and control RST RSTAR and Geokon Geonet wireless networks, providing an instant cloud connectivity and data management upgrade for these systems. For LoRa networks (Loadsensing or Ackcio), existing gateways can be connected to sensemetrics Cloud directly, not requiring a Thread to be installed. Click here to watch a video that shows how our platform supports Loadsensing devices as an example.


Q. Is each Thread connected directly to the cloud or is there a central hub that collects all the data from the Threads and then transmits to the cloud?

A. Each Thread device establishes a direct and secure connection to the Cloud through cellular, ethernet or external satellite modem. Once connected, the Thread configures itself as a gateway and negotiates a secure wireless connection for any proximal Threads.


Q. Would an SAAX be plotted horizontally in the sensemetrics system? 

A. Yes, this mode of operation for the Measurand ShapeArray is supported.


Q. If monitoring/instrumentation is provided as a 3rd-party service, can sensemetrics’ platform be embedded directly within the provider’s website/network?

A. Yes, branded use of the sensemetrics platform is available.


Q. How secure is data streamed to a cloud?

A. Our end-to-end connectivity and encryption represents the highest level of security available for connected measurement and monitoring systems. Our architecture, best-in-class technology, and security standards effectively mitigate the most common attack vectors and vulnerabilities that impact engineered IT solutions. Security of your data and peace of mind is one of our key value propositions as a connectivity platform. Our demonstrated proficiency and continued commitment to security is why a number of the Global Top 40 mining companies have – after performing their own internal analysis – approved sensemetrics at a Corporate IT/OT level.


Q. Do the Threads store data? If for some reason there is a telemetry interruption, can the Thread store the readings or are they lost?

A. The Thread provides reliable onboard data storage in the event that its cloud connection is ever disrupted. Once connectivity with the Cloud is restored, the Thread synchronizes all stored data.


Q. Do we need to buy the Measurand datalogger and sensemetrics Thread, or just the sensemetrics Thread?

A. Up to two (2) ShapeArrays can plug directly into the Thread, with no additional device requirements. In addition, projects can use various wired and wireless multiplexing devices to automate hundreds of sensors, if needed.


Q. Could this QR code solution by sensemetrics be customized using other devices or only the Measurand sensors?

A. A QR code can be found on each Thread and is used to uniquely identify the device. Using the sensemetrics mobile app, available for iPhone and Android devices, the QR code can be scanned as a means of quickly assigning devices to the owners account. Attached sensors can then be connected and automated by selecting the appropriate interface controls for the sensor manufacturer and model from a list of published drivers. In the case of the Measurand ShapeArray, additional intelligence has been developed that retrieves the sensor’s serial number and automatically sources the appropriate calibration factors to transform the raw sensor measurements into a 3D shape, with no additional configuration required by the user.


Q. Does each borehole need an individual sensemetrics Thread?

A. Each Thread has two device ports that each support connection of a ShapeArray. As mentioned above, if many ShapeArrays are cabled to a single location – up to 16 can be connected to a single Thread using a multiplexer.


Q. Are the configurable sensor alerts settable at the edge device and/or in the cloud?

A. Device and sensor configuration, as well as alert setup are all performed by securely logging into your sensemetrics cloud account from any internet-connected device. This allows for convenient and efficient remote monitoring of your sensor networks, and limits the need for physical site visits. 


Q. Does the Thread come with an international sim card?

A. Yes, Thread devices are delivered with a compatible modem and data service based on the region it is ordered for. The Thread is currently compatible for use in more than 40 countries.


Q. Can weather influence the quality of data processing to the cloud?

A. Timeliness of data transfer to the Cloud will depend on the quality of the Ethernet, Cellular, or Satellite Network, but weather will not impact the quality or integrity of sensor measurements collected.


Q. Have there been any analyses completed to demonstrate SAASuite and sensemetrics are performing the same calculation?

A. Yes, sensemetrics works with Measurand to host their proprietary algorithm as an embedded service in our cloud. As Measurand releases updates and improvements to their algorithm, it is immediately updated in sensemetrics Cloud as well – ensuring that both products deliver the same quality verified results.

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