Automated Condition Monitoring in Times of Limited Mobility

Automated Condition Monitoring in Times of Limited Mobility

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The challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic are constantly evolving and are likely to have a continued impact for months to come. Of key concern is the continued safety of employees and reducing their potential exposure – heightening the need for effective solutions for remote work forces. In this environment, uninterrupted communication, connectivity and access to reliable, actionable information is more important than ever.

sensemetrics remains steadfast in our priority to support the health, safety and stability of operations for our customers. We are here to help the many industries we serve to maintain crucial projects, worker safety and continuity of operations through this pandemic.

Every industry is currently being faced with the need to decrease travel and worker interaction and transition to a highly remote approach. sensemetrics provides cloud-based software and plug-and-play sensor connectivity, facilitating a remote monitoring solution ideal for this very situation. Employees are able to efficiently manage sensor data from the comfort of their home using the sensemetrics platform.

Remote Monitoring & Decision-Making

The sensemetrics Cloud Platform allows workers to safely oversee their project remotely. Login to our cloud-based software platform on your secure account to view, analyze, and share critical condition monitoring information with your team. Start and end each shift with a collaborative share of critical operational metrics across your team to further inspire safe work practices.

With our dynamic browser tools users are empowered to define and monitor alert thresholds, generate reports, and analyze sensor data in near real-time, gaining actionable insights from your remote workspace to empower smart decision-making. 

Worker Safety

With project managers and field workers being confronted with the requirement to work remotely and practice social distancing, establishing automated sensor networks quickly and easily is imperative. Our THREAD gateway device can connect sensors in seconds and can be easily installed by one person with little technical knowledge. Our THREAD gateway wirelessly connects to our cloud-connected software, allowing project teams to manage distributed sensor networks  remotely without compromising operations or crucial data retrieval.

Situational Awareness

Teams used to working and interacting together closely on a daily basis are now required to collaborate and manage tasks remotely, which can create new communication challenges. 

sensemetrics’ cloud-based software – complete with maps, graphs, data tables and reporting functionality – provides seamless collaboration capabilities through organizational permission controls. Effortlessly share information securely with your team to keep the project running smoothly and ensure complete situational awareness.

Dedicated Support Team

sensemetrics is focused on providing continued support and solution assistance throughout this period of uncertainty. Our team of support specialists and industry experts are equipped to work safely during this time, and will be able to answer your questions and facilitate solutions. The health and safety of our employees, customers and community is our priority, and our team is dedicated to enabling our customers to continue their important work safely during this time.

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Our team is ready to help you navigate any issues that may arise during this unprecedented event. Contact one of our experts now to learn how sensemetrics can be of assistance.

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